Chefchaouen – The blue City

Chefchaouen is said to be the most beautiful city in Morocco and I can only agree to that. Once you enter the Medina, almost all the paths, walls and houses are blue. The town is small and cute and it’s surrounded by mountains.

View from the restaurant “Bab Ssour”

We had lunch in the restaurant “Bab Ssour” where the food is cheap and delicious. Plus, from the upper floor you have a beautiful view of the city.

The best thing to do in Chefchaouen is to wander around in the streets of the Medina and enjoy the small-town flair. You will discover sweet alleys and beautiful, colourful houses.

Street of the Medina

I was told that the town is painted blue due to religious reasons. In the past Chefchaouen used to be inhabited by Jewish people. Apparently they painted their houses blue as a sign of connection to heaven. Nowadays they keep the city blue for touristic purposes.

A little boy walking through the town with his sheep and goats

On the second day I decided to go on a hike to the Akchour waterfall with a group of Danish peope. We started walking early in the morning to get there before the crowd arrived. It was a three hour hike through the beautiful and seemingly untouched nature.

Landscape on the way to the Akchour waterfall

On the way to the waterfall there were several stops where one could buy fresh orange juice or coffee and some eggs for breakfast. The hike was amazing but the water was ice cold. It’s a perfect place to have a relaxed day and enjoy the sun. I’m glad that we started walking early in the morning since the air was still fresh on the way there. We left the waterfall when it got crowded. On our way back down we jumped into the river a couple of times to cool down again.

Akchour waterfall

On the next day I had to return to Marrakech because my flight left from there. I was absolutely not looking forward to the train ride. It was going to take me 14 hours to get there and I’d have to change trains. In the hostel in Chefchaouen I met a nice American couple who had a rental car and offered to take me to Fes. I was super happy about that. From Fes I could take a direct train to Marrakech for “only” 10 hours. The train ride actually went by relatively fast. It’s important to travel first class though. You only have to pay a small surcharge and it’s much more comfortable. And be prepared for a delay of at least 30 minutes. Almost all trains in Morocco are delayed. At around midnight I arrived to Marrakech where I spent my last night.


  1. Have lunch at Bab Ssour in the upper floor
  2. Watch the sunset from the Spanish Mosque
  3. Get a henna tattoo (but bargain the price)
  4. Do a trip to the surrounding mountains/waterfalls
  5. Get lost in the beautiful alleys

Chefchaouen is simply amazing! If you have any chance to go there do it. After Marrakech I would rank it as second best place to visit in Morocco.

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