After a long taxi drive starting in the desert in Merzouga I finally arrived to Fes. In the moment of getting off the taxi I was hit by the extreme heat. I thought Marrakech was hot with 37°C but it was nothing compared to Fez with 42°C. I tried to ask the driver to bring me to my hostel, which was at the other side of the town. But since it was a shared taxi he refused to take me to any other place than the official drop off point.

I was out of water and I had to carry all my luggage around the city. The streets in the Medinas (city centres) of Morocco are often confusing and labyrinth-like which made it even harder to find my way. Without internet I walked around like a lost puppy and my head started to hurt from the sun. For 15 minutes I was trying to find a taxi and I asked three Moroccans if they could help me when I suddenly realised that the taxis in Fez looked different. Several taxis had already passed me but I just didn’t notice them because I thought that they were private cars. Relieved I finally got into a taxi and was brought to my hostel.

I stayed in the hostel “Funky Fes” which is recommendable. When I got there I went straight to bed. I didn’t even leave the building anymore because I was so tired. Glad to finally have wifi and a shower again after staying in the desert I just relaxed the whole day. I hadn’t been that tired for a long time as due to my food poisoning I didn’t sleep well the previous nights.

Market in the Medina of Fez – yes, there’s the head of a dromedary for sale

On the second day I did a free walking tour which was offered by the hostel. The tour was interesting and we visited almost all the sights and the market in the Medina.

All in all I was quite disappointed by Fes though. It’s the only Moroccan city of the ones I have visited that I wouldn’t recommend. Fes has the biggest Medina of Morocco and it does have some beautiful spots and architecture. I just found it a bit dirty in general and it didn’t have anything special or appealing to me. It’s like a confusing maze and it’s less beautiful than Marrakech and Essaouira. Also, due to my non-existing sense of orientation I got lost all the time.

Tannery (process of colouring leather)

After two nights in Fes I was happy to leave the city. A girl I met in the hostel and I wanted to take a bus to Chefchaouen together. Chefchaouen is one of the most well-known cities of Morocco and definitely worth a visit. Tickets to Chefchaouen always have to be bought in advance. We took a taxi to the station to buy them one day before but all the busses for the next day were fully booked. Frustrated we tried to find another way to get there and after asking several persons we were told to take a smaller national bus. It would take us almost there and then we’d have to change to a big taxi. So we finally bought the tickets and were excited to go to Chefchaouen the next day.

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