Morocco: Recommendations & 2 week itinerary

My Morocco itinerary (click the links to see the blog posts):

Day 1-5Marrakech
Day 5-7Essaouira
Day 7-8:Marrakech
Day 8-10:A night in the Sahara Desert
Day 10-12:Fez
Day 12-14:Chefchaouen – The blue City
Day 14:Transport from Chefchaouen to Marrakech
Day 15:Marrakech
Koutoubia mosque in Marrakech

Initially I had planned to travel to Morocco on my own as none of my friends had time to join me. However, friends who had been to Morocco before told me that they wouldn’t recommend me going there alone as a blonde white girl. I didn’t really fear anything but not having a good feeling about it was reason enough for me to cancel my plans.

Then suddenly one friend told me that he was going to travel to Morocco around the same time too. Eventually we managed to book a flight for the same day and I was more than happy that A, I didn’t have to cancel my trip and B, that I didn’t have to go on my own.

First we explored some parts of Morocco together. Soon I felt safe in the country and I didn’t see any problem in travelling alone. As we wanted to see different parts of the country we decided to go separate ways after a week and I did the rest of the trip on my own. There are many solo travelers in Morocco and the hostels were full of backpackers.

I was still glad that I wasn’t alone in the beginning though. I didn’t feel endangered but the crowded streets of Marrakech can be pretty overwhelming. It’s just more comfortable to have someone – especially when the Moroccans think that you two are married.

Dromedary ride in the Sahara at 6:00 am

Morocco is a country full of different landscapes, bustling cities and rich culture. The nature is stunning I don’t even want to start with the food. If you have time, I recommend you to stay at least 2 weeks in the country as the places worth visiting are often far away from each other and the longer you stay, the better you can indulge yourself in the culture.

For specific recommendations check my blog posts on the various destinations in Morocco.


  1. Avoid buying fake products. Especially argan oil and other cosmetics – ask in your hostel or riad where to buy it.
  2. If you’re a female solo-traveller and you want to be left alone by people in the streets, be sure to have your resting bitch face, wear sunglasses and headphones and most importantly walk confidently. As soon as you look like you’re lost people will start to approach you.
  3. Book an accommodation in the Medina. The Medina is the city-centre.
  4. Always bargain! You can get things for at least half of the price they tell you. If it doesn’t work go away and come again.
  5. Always be friendly to people that try to talk to you. You may be annoyed because everyone wants to sell you something. But Moroccans see it as very rude if you ignore them. Just smile and say no thanks. If they don’t want to let you go just say you have to meet someone now.
  6. If you’re a female solo traveller and men try to approach you, say that your boyfriend is waiting for you and that you have to go.
  7. Take a minute to talk to people or have a tea with them. Many Moroccans are just curious about you so they will want to know where you’re from and what you do in Morocco. If they invite you for a tea just sit a while with them and talk. It’s not always a strategy to sell you something. However, some of them just want you to follow them to their shop so try to differentiate.
  8. Be open to their culture and their way of life.
  9. Don’t dress inappropriately. Cover your shoulders and knees.



Before going on the desert tour I spent one more night in Marrakech. I arrived there at 10:00 pm so it was already dark outside. Already in the hostel I realised I still had to buy water for the desert tour. Being in my tank top and long pants I decided to just quickly go to the nearest shop and not bother to cover my shoulders. Leaving the hostel dressed like that got me a lot of attention. The looks and comments combined with the darkness outside made me feel pretty uncomfortable. It was my own fault and stupidity to go out like that although I would have known better. A lot of tourists dress inappropriately but as a female solo traveller you want to avoid getting that kind of attention. When the temperature is almost 40°C outside it’s tempting to put on less clothes but don’t go out at night like I did that day. Not even if it’s just a two minutes walk to the market.

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