Tallin & Pärnu

Tallinn was the second stop of my Northern Europe trip. From Riga I took a bus to Tallinn for 14€ and it took about 4,5 hours. I had three days in Tallinn but all the places to see can be easily visited within two days. So I did a day trip to the town Pärnu as well.

Modern part of Tallinn

First I was really surprised to see mainly big and modern buildings and one shopping mall after the other. I had always imagined Tallinn to be smaller and rather old.

Entrance to the old town

But Tallinn is a city where modern meets medieval: There’s the new part of the city with a lot of traffic and modern buildings and the old town with buildings from the 14th century.

View from the top of the old town

The town walls, restaurants and architecture of the old town take you back to the past. It’s rather small and located on a hill with beautiful views of the city.

To explore the old town it’s best to just wander around in the small alleys and discover the several view points. Tallinn is really pretty and I think in total I liked it even more than Riga. However, the old town in Riga is bigger and its architecture is more beautiful.


Pärnu is a small beach town located two hours south of Tallinn. It’s called Estonia’s summer capital because a lot of people go there in summer to enjoy the beach. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see anything of the beach because it was covered in snow.

Colourful houses of Pärnu

The main reason why I went to Pärnu were the colourful houses. Pärnu is such a pretty, charming town with cute little shops and cafés.

In winter a lot of places are closed but it was still nice to spend a day there. I can imagine how alive this town would be from April to September. It’s definitely worth a day trip from Tallinn. The busses go several times a day and one way costs around 7€ depending on the time.

Recommendations for Tallinn

  • Go to the Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform at night. The view over the city is beautiful.
  • Eat pancakes at the Kompressor.
  • The Creative Town is an artsy district with small shops and cafés.
  • Visit the Lahemaa National Park.
Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform

7 thoughts on “Tallin & Pärnu

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      1. It’s a lovely town! I always try to visit at least one other place but the capital as I find that smaller towns represent a country much better than the capital 🙂


  1. We were in Helsinki a couple of months back and really wanted to take the ferry to Tallinn but unfortunately, we could not. Looks like I missed seeing a very charming city. Nice write-up 🙂


    1. Oh that’s too bad! Maybe you’ll get the chance to go there at some point in the future, it’s definitely worth a visit. Also, it can be easily combined with visiting Latvia and Lithuania, as the capitals are not too far from each other and the busses are quite cheap 🙂

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