4 countries in 2 weeks on a student budget

In February I did a trip to Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden on a student budget. For transportation costs of 140€ I travelled to four countries. If you struggle to find cheap travel deals this post may help you.

Riga, Latvia

This was my itinerary:

Day 1
Austria – LatviaPlane: Wizzair€30
Day 4Latvia – EstoniaBus: Lux Express€14
Day 7Estonia – FinlandFerry: Viking Line€17
Day 12Finland – SwedenPlane: Norwegian€49
Day 15Sweden – AustriaPlane: Ryanair & Wizzair€30
Tallinn, Estonia

Check several airports near your desired destination

The reason for my trip to Northern Europe was to visit my Finnish friend in Helsinki. Flights from Vienna to Helsinki were quite pricey at that time so I was looking for airports nearby to get a cheaper deal. Since I had a lot of time (3 weeks semester break from Uni) and didn’t plan on staying in Helsinki for a long time I decided to make a bigger trip. I found a cheap ticket to Riga so I started planning the whole trip from there.

Use discount programs if you fly regularly

My flight to Riga was operated by Wizzair and I have to say I love this airline. For 30€ per year you can become a discount club member. The membership gives you a 10€ discount on every flight ticket that costs at least 20€. You can even take someone with you and get a second discounted ticket. It already pays off after the third flight. Unfortunately they don’t operate direct flights from Vienna to Riga so I had a stopover in Düsseldorf.

Kotka, Finland

Bring your student ID

Students often benefit from reduced entrances or fares, no matter in which country.

Use the website “AZair”

This is one of my favourite search engines for budget flights within Europe. The design of the website is ugly AF but it does its job. You can set a range of dates and several departure and arrival airports. It will search for the cheapest option even if it’s extremely inconvenient.

For example for my flight to Riga I didn’t book one ticket with a stop in Düsseldorf. I bought two separate tickets. The flights were not supposed to be connection flights and the waiting time in Düsseldorf was 7 hours. No other search engine would have suggested that connection, only AZair. I brought my laptop along and used the waiting time to do some assignments for Uni. Like this I only paid 30€ for the ticket and for me it doesn’t make a difference if I work from my apartment or from the airport.

Vantaa, Finland

Look for discount codes online

The regular price of my flight from Helsinki to Stockholm was higher but I used the discount code “UNDER26” to get it cheaper. Everyone below the age of 26 could use that code for booking a ticket.

Ask locals

Locals often know the tricks to get a lower fare on tickets. It might be booking online or with a certain app, using a discount code or booking with a less known operator. If you don’t have a local friend use google.

Do Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is on the one hand a great way to save money while travelling and on the other hand it’s always a unique experience that allows you to connect with locals.

Read more: Why Couchsurfing is much more than just a free bed

Sigtuna, Sweden

Those hacks saved me some money and allowed me to visit more places. Also, I put a lot of time and effort into searching for the best connections. I always check all the possible ways, operators, times and days to get around.

How do you travel on a budget? Do you have any tricks? Let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “4 countries in 2 weeks on a student budget

Add yours

  1. 140€! Well, I thought that You included in Your header also transfers, food and drinks for example! I keep accounting about all, which I earn and spend, so to me this was not correct price!

    Happy and safe travels.


    1. Thanks for your remark, I get your point. However, in this blog post I wanted to focus on the ticket fares and how to find cheap tickets. In the post I mentioned that the 140€ were only for transportation between countries. But I changed the title so that it isn’t misleading anymore.


  2. Hallo Maria,
    Schnäppchentipps sind immer super! 🙂 Auch wenn ich nicht ganz so Low Budget reise, da mir z.B. auch eine geringe Flugzeit wichtig ist (begrenzte Urlaubstage!), bin ich dennoch immer auf der Suche nach guten Angeboten. Die Flugsuchmaschine kannte ich noch gar nicht, toller Tipp!

    Liebe Grüße
    Iris von Ich Reise Immer So


    1. Hallo Iris,
      Na klar, je nachdem in welcher Situation man ist hat man natürlich andere Prioritäten. Ist verständlich, dass dir eine kürzere Flugzeit wichtig ist, wenn du begrenzte Urlaubstage hast. Da ich als Studentin meistens längere Zeit Ferien habe, ist es mir wichtiger dass der Flug billig ist, auch wenn ich längere Wartezeiten habe. 🙂
      Ich kenne Azair auch erst seit kurzem, verwende sie aber jetzt immer! Freut mich, falls dir der Tipp helfen kann.
      LG 🙂


  3. We’re catching the ferry from Estonia to Finland in a couple of months, as a way of seeing two beautiful countries in one trip. I can’t wait!


    1. That’s great! I loved both countries, how long are you going to stay? And where in Finland are you planning to go?


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