Morocco: Recommendations & 2 week itinerary

My Morocco itinerary (click the links to see the blog posts): Day 1-5MarrakechDay 5-7EssaouiraDay 7-8:MarrakechDay 8-10:A night in the Sahara DesertDay 10-12:FezDay 12-14:Chefchaouen – The blue CityDay 14:Transport from Chefchaouen to MarrakechDay 15:Marrakech Koutoubia mosque in Marrakech Initially I had planned to travel to Morocco on my own as none of my friends had time to join me. However,... Continue Reading →

Chefchaouen – The blue City

Chefchaouen is said to be the most beautiful city in Morocco and I can only agree to that. Once you enter the Medina, almost all the paths, walls and houses are blue. The town is small and cute and it's surrounded by mountains. View from the restaurant "Bab Ssour" We had lunch in the restaurant... Continue Reading →


After a long taxi drive starting in the desert in Merzouga I finally arrived to Fes. In the moment of getting off the taxi I was hit by the extreme heat. I thought Marrakech was hot with 37°C but it was nothing compared to Fez with 42°C. I tried to ask the driver to bring... Continue Reading →


Essaouira is a little fishing village and way more calm than Marrakech. After four days in Marrakech it was wonderful to be in a more quiet place. The alleys of the Medina are pretty with little shops and restaurants. There's also a beach and a harbour for fishing boats. We stayed at the Atlantic Hostel,... Continue Reading →


Marrakech is a bustling city in the south-west of Morocco and it's an extremely popular tourist destination. Many assume that Marrakech is the capital of Morocco, while it is actually Rabat. Koutoubia Mosque The first hassle you will encounter is arguing with the taxi drivers at the airport about the fare to the Medina (=... Continue Reading →

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