Santiago de Chile

8 million inhabitants - a city with as many people as Austria. I avoided visiting Chile's capital for a long time because I thought it wouldn't be beautiful and I haven't heard good things about it either. During the last month of my exchange semester I finally decided to give it a chance. The thing... Continue Reading →

Rio de Janeiro

In September 2017 my friends and I decided to travel to Rio de Janeiro for 10 days to escape Chile's cold winter. It had always been my dream to go to Rio and I was super excited when we booked the flight. We wanted to avoid staying in the touristic area and rather experience the... Continue Reading →

Trek to the Humantay Lake

Our first tour was a hike to the Humantay lake at 4.200 m above sea level. We had seen pictures of this incredibly blue lake before so we really wanted to go there. We drove a couple of hours to start the trek. View during the hike to the Humantay lake My friends and I... Continue Reading →

Cusco: Recommendations

In December I went to Cusco with two friends. When we arrived it was freezing cold and raining. That's not what we expected, since December is summer in South America. In Peru however it's also rainy season. After the rain stopped we started exploring the city. Cusco is very pretty and if you walk up... Continue Reading →

Easter Island

Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited islands of the world. The closest country is Chile which is a five-hour-flight away. On the island there's only one inhabited town named Hanga Roa. Inhabitants of the Easter Island know Spanish but they speak the indigenous language Rapa Nui when they talk to each other.... Continue Reading →

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