Overcoming the fear of solo travel

Solo travel is booming now and more and more people decide to go on a trip on their own. For others, solo travel is connected with uncertainty or fear that something bad might happen. Fear of being alone in a foreign country out of their comfort zone. Fear of encountering problems in such an unknown... Continue Reading →

4 countries in 2 weeks on a student budget

In February I did a trip to Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden on a student budget. For transportation costs of 140€ I travelled to four countries. If you struggle to find cheap travel deals this post may help you. Riga, Latvia This was my itinerary: Day 1Austria - LatviaPlane: Wizzair€30Day 4Latvia - EstoniaBus: Lux Express€14Day... Continue Reading →

How to find cheap Flights

You want to fly within Europe for around 20€ but you don't know how? Read this post to find out how I do it. Many of my friends and family have asked me how I always find those cheap flight tickets. There's no trick that suddenly lets you fly around almost for free. You have... Continue Reading →

How to combine Studies & Travel

I have been a student for almost three years now. In 2018 I travelled to five different continents. People always ask me "How do you do that?" I don't really understand the question, because it's actually not that hard. These are the main aspects you have to consider: Time & Study All students have to study... Continue Reading →

How to travel sustainably

The environmental impact of tourism is growing steadily. Every traveller can contribute to sustainable tourism. Below you can see my tips to minimise environmental deterioration and make your travels beneficial for the local population and for yourself. 1. Pay CO2 Compensation when you travel by Plane Air travel causes a huge amount of CO2 emissions... Continue Reading →

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